Monday, August 3, 2015

463/1038 - Cantonese-style sweetcorn and crab meat soup

Warning: This soup comes with very big pros and cons! (Spoiler - the cons are worth it...)

Crab and corn soup seemed like a very simple Sunday night meal, and indeed it was. As evening approached I set out my ingredients and got ready to cook, completely oblivious to the mess that was to come. 

The first step in the recipe was to grate five cobs of corn. Seemed simple enough. Except that the corn I used was ridiculously juicy and I ended up covered in it! With yellow speckled glasses, hair and clothes, I realised too late that I should have cut the kernels from the cobs and thrown them in my trusty Thermomix. No matter, I promise you the mess was worth it. 

This soup is dead simple to put together and had the most wonderful taste, with just the right amount of sesame oil, soy and black vinegar to create a flavour that was more complex than expected. The recipe made four exact serves and they had all but disappeared before I had finished photographing my meal. 

So with a new focus on the chapters with only one recipe uncooked, here is another chapter complete. Farewell corn! 

Nine down, one hundred and sixteen to go x  

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