Wednesday, August 19, 2015

466/1038 - Parsley and garlic cream sauce

Continuing my recent trend of finishing chapters...this recipe marks the completion of number eleven, parsley. 

I decided that this sauce would be a wonderful topping for pasta and am pleased to report that I was absolutely correct. With the addition of some leftover pumpkin and roast chicken, the entire family agreed that this combination worked wonderfully. My favourite thing about this recipe was the incredibly GREEN taste of the sauce, which was packed with an insane amount of fabulous, fresh parsley. 

I halved the recipe, knowing that one cup of cream was going to be plenty for my little family and didn't relish the idea of finding a mouldy container of leftover sauce in the fridge one week later. The amount was perfect for four and now we are crossing our fingers that the garlic helps us get over the nasty cold that has gripped our house in the past 24 hours. 

Here's hoping! x

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