Wednesday, August 5, 2015

464/1038 - Papillote of fish with lemon myrtle

With some lovely dried lemon myrtle to hand, I thought it high time I entered the world (well, chapter) of bush foods. This recipe required fresh lemon myrtle leaves but I made the dried version work!

The fish we landed on was a lovely blue grenadier and I honestly couldn't believe how wonderful it tasted cooked in this way. One of the best parts of cooking this was that I finally had use for the circles printed on the pastry mat bought for me by my ever-thoughtful husband. (Honestly I NEVER would have thought to buy a pastry mat, but it is SO handy for pastry and pasta making!)

Once my little paper butterflies were cut, it was time to pile some goodness on the fish. I went easy on the lemon myrtle (because it was dried) and hard on the butter and chilli. 

I slightly altered the amounts in each package (fish, chilli etc.) and so decided to label them for easy identification at meal time, which was actually a lot of fun! 

Big, big winner with the entire family. The most difficult thing was cutting out the paper butterflies. Once that was done, this was so easy I am adding it to my list of dinner party entrees. Simply wonderful x  

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