Monday, August 10, 2015

465/1038 - Carrot and nutmeg tart

This little recipe sees my 10th chapter done and dusted!

Contrary to what this picture suggests, I made a full sized carrot and nutmeg tart rather than individual serves. This little portion was created especially for my youngest who is a lover of both pastry and beautiful plates of food. It turned me into mother of the day and also used up the little bit of pastry I had left over after lining my tart tin. 

We all adored this dessert, particularly the strong nutmeg flavour which is possibly one of my family's favourite tastes. We ate it with cream and caramel, honey and macadamia ice-cream (which I didn't make). Wonderful combination. 

So that was the carrot chapter! Eight recipes full of carroty goodness. 

It finally feels like this challenge is getting somewhere; 10 chapters down, 115 to go.

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