Wednesday, August 26, 2015

468/1038 - Aïoli

With a hideous head cold going around, I felt it was time to bring out the garlic big guns.

Aïoli is such a wonderful way to eat garlic because of course raw garlic is best when trying to kick a cold. As I was testing the flavour of my concoction, I inadvertently discovered a way to completely unhinge my husband. I took him over a spoonful to taste, thinking he knew what I was making. It turns out he had no idea and simply going on looks alone, thought I was giving him a taste of sweet lemon curd. Needless to say, his reaction was not a good one! 

Tasting mishap aside, the aïoli was a wonderful addition to our dinner of baked snapper, boiled eggs, rice and pumpkin. It tasted amazing but definitely left a strong taste in the mouth. 

A simple little recipe, but one that should definitely be made x  

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