Thursday, August 20, 2015

467/1038 - Spicy fried pork balls (well, baked actually...)

The flavour of these pork balls was AMAZING and I can only imagine how wonderful they would have tasted had I fried them as the recipe instructed. As it was, I decided I would bake them instead, mainly with our health in mind given how badly we were struck down with colds this week. 

The baked balls were fabulous, but a tiny bit dry in the middle and so I decided to break them apart and stir fry them in a modest amount of coconut oil with some garlic and a huge pile of vegetables. To further enhance the flavour (and moisture) I covered the whole lot with a good swig of sesame oil.

Served atop a mound of brown rice, this combination was another winner. I especially loved the way the flavour of ginger popped through; strong and tangy enough to excite me, but mild enough to keep my youngest from balking.

Great for cocktail parties and mid-week dinners alike x

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