Monday, September 21, 2015

473/1038 - Giant zucchini cake

I once made chocolate mousse with avocado.

It was an event which changed the course of cooking in my kitchen and prompted an ongoing assassination of my character which continues to this day. Every time I mention a new dessert I will be making, I invariably hear a little voice asking, "You're not putting avocado in it are you?". 

In my defence, the mousse was a healthy alternative to a regular chocolate mousse. While it was not as sweet as the regular version, I thought it was lovely - which was fortunate because the boys in my house refused to eat more than their initial spoonful.

Imagine the ribbing that ensued when I told the boys I was making a cake with zucchini. They were wholly unconvinced that a cake with so much green inside could possibly taste good, and made it quite clear that they did not support the making of this cake.

Minds were changed and much cake was consumed once this lovely thing came out of the oven. Sweet and moist, this one was another crowd favourite and was just as lovely with cream as it was with a dollop of greek yoghurt.

I loved the addition of walnuts and yes, ate way too many pieces.

Oh well, life is short xx

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