Saturday, June 24, 2017

570/1038 - Duck with walnuts and pomegranate

Duck is a very big deal in our house! Barely a month would go by without a duck meal gracing our dining table and yet the appeal never dims. There are those who find duck a dish that is too fatty for the palate. If I am honest, the fat is probably what we like most about it! 

I will admit to changing this dish around a bit, which is probably obvious from the picture. Instead of one cup of stock, I threw in a litre as the recipe stated that the liquid should barely cover the duck and the bird I used was particularly enormous. Also, I opted to use the grenadine I had made instead of pomegranate juice which meant that the liquid in my concoction would have been a little short. 

Once the liquid was strained, the duck on our plates was topped with the most wonderful pomegranate and walnut mixture. The meat was incredibly moist and I am now wondering if we have a contender which just might be more popular than my standard Chinese-style roast duck; a regular in my duck repertoire. 

Of course the most exciting thing about making this dish was giving my brand new copper Mauviel Rondeau a run. This wonderful addition to my kitchen was an absolute extravagance but my husband didn't even blink when I said I wanted it. Honestly, you can keep your high fashion and expensive jewellery, just give me a fabulously decked out kitchen and I am one happy lady. 

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