Thursday, November 23, 2017

586/1038 - Pumpkin and amaretto tart

This is the second time I have made this pumpkin and amaretto filling. The first time it was as a filling for ravioli, which we absolutely loved...but as a tart filling it is even better! I am pretty sure this is because you get a much bigger mouthful of the stuff when it is not wrapped in pasta. 

I did meddle with the recipe just a bit, making the following changes;

  • Substituted the sage for fresh tarragon because my lovely sage plant has died! A project for the coming weeks, I think
  • Swapped amaretto for Sambucca. So good! 
  • Roasted, instead of steamed, the pumpkin. I think either way would work well
The trick to really making this tart special is to take the butter to a lovely burnt place when frying the sage, or in this case, tarragon. It should be dark and smell quite nutty when it is ready. My mouth is watering just thinking about this again.  

Because my pumpkin had SO many seeds, I felt bad throwing them in the compost. While the pastry was blind making in the oven, they were washed, dried and spread on an oven tray. They cooked at the same time as the tart which meant no wasted energy, and most importantly, less heat for my house in this warm weather. 

My last recipe signified the beginning of a new chapter (kiwifruit) and this recipe represents the twentieth chapter I can tick off my list! That's right, of one hundred and twenty five chapters, we can now officially say goodbye to;

Sweet potatoes
Asian greens
Kangaroo & Wallaby
Beans, dried
Pasta & noodles
...and now Pumpkins! 

Getting there x

Roasted pumpkin seeds with smoked salt. Mmmm...

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