Sunday, November 26, 2017

587/1038 - Salad of grilled lamb

Simple, simple, simple! 

Everybody knows I love to cook, but I do still struggle to find wonderfully simple and tasty mid-week meals. This is definitely one of those! 

This was the first time I had attempted to create gorgeous cross-hatch grill marks on my meat and now I am kicking myself for not taking a picture before I sliced it up. With the digital timer running, I stuck to the one minute per position grilling time and was thrilled that all four fillets turned out perfectly. 

Given my utter focus on the meat and its constant need for attention, the best I could muster vegetable-wise was the recommended handfuls of baby spinach the meat was to be laid upon. Unlike me to have such little variety on the plate, even my eldest looked at his dinner plate and said, "Oh just spinach. OK."

Anybody out there with a lamb backstrap and no inspiration, this recipe is for you! x

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