Thursday, February 8, 2018

590/1038 - Cabbage leaves stuffed with pork, sausage and rice

Whilst creating time consuming little parcels of food is not one of my favourite things, I do love an excuse to use my beautiful Mauviel copper rondeau. It is such a thing of beauty and one of only a handful of kitchen purchases I have made in the last couple of years. 

This recipe was not especially difficult but I do think if I made it again I would take the lazy path and simply cook the stuffing ingredients with a pile of shredded cabbage. It wouldn't look anywhere as pretty, but the flavour would still be there and surely that's the main thing!

As expected, this recipe fed my family of four twice; the first night on a bed of mashed potato and the second with a load of extra cabbage and diced pumpkin added to the stock/tomato mixture in which my parcels were cooked.

I bought an ENORMOUS piece of pork belly while shopping for this recipe and so if the weather cools on Sunday as predicted, Tung Po Pork should be next up on our challenge menu.

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