Wednesday, February 14, 2018

592/1038 - Tung po pork

Tung po pork!

Honestly, we love pork belly...but Tung po pork! This dish was absolutely worth the hours it took to cook and was a tremendous way to use up yet another section of our enormous pork belly purchase. There is just so much belly; if you look hard enough you can see a piece of the roast pork I cooked at the same time. The crackling on that was FABULOUS...

The meat was so very tender it didn't require slicing but simply fell apart as it was handled. Amusingly, I forgot to add the sauce to the meal but have stored it in the fridge and plan to use it to enhance whatever veg combo I throw together tonight. It really didn't matter; the meat was full of flavour and an absolute delight to eat as it was. 

Oh and look at that...a recipe not based around cabbage!

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