Thursday, February 15, 2018

593/1038 - Panang gai - dry chicken curry

I am sure it is of no surprise that, at this stage of the challenge, I have exhausted many of the recipes which have ingredients that reside in my pantry. 

Nowadays there is more planning involved in the cooking, and today this involved a trip out to pick up a small tin of green peppercorns and some coconut milk. I have no idea if it is common or just in my house, but I am forever using a half tin of coconut milk and then tossing the other half after its obligatory three days of taking up space in the fridge. Imagine how thrilled I was when I discovered 165ml tins! 

I made 2/3 of this recipe tonight (I had only 500g chicken) and so this was the perfect sized tin for our dinner with not a drop of wastage. Colour me happy!   

It turns out this was a very simple recipe and a good mid-week meal. I served it with jasmine rice and a pile of fresh vegetables (capsicum, tomatoes, rocket) which made it insanely fast to get to the table. Of course, I left a mountain of dishes in my wake but when I cook I am not on dishes duty so I don't see this as a problem!  

Somehow I missed the fact that there was supposed to be fresh basil to scatter over the finished product and so I made do with finely sliced rocket; as it turns out, a more than satisfactory substitute. 

Anybody who watches my blog regularly will be quite surprised that after an incredibly slow patch, I have now written six posts in little more than a fortnight. There is a reason behind this and it is a good one! I plan on having an incredibly busy year in 2018 and am trying to knock out as many recipes as I can before the madness starts in March.  

More to come!

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