Friday, December 23, 2011

94/656 - Potato salad with bacon and sour cream

I like potato salad but I do not love it. This potato salad however was such a lovely pile of decadence I found myself going back for a third helping!

I think my favourite element was the sour cream as I am not a big fan of mayonnaise on potatoes. The bacon fat, two types of mustard and red wine vinegar helped to finish off a potato salad that not only looked inviting but was so very tasty. Sadly I don’t have chives in my garden at the moment so there was no sprinkled greenery to give the impression that this side dish might be even a tiny bit healthy.  

I am not sure if I will be doing any more Stephanie recipes over this busy Christmas/New Year period, but if not this would be a great recipe to finish 2011 on.

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