Sunday, July 8, 2012

175/656 - Pea shoots with crab meat

Fried pea shoots. Definitely not a concept I would have thought of on my own.    

I found this little recipe in the pea chapter and was very keen to see what fried pea shoots tasted like, but was also interested in the gorgeous sounding crab concoction that was to be served on top.  

The fried shoots were great, the heat really bringing out their lovely flavour. And the crab...oh the crab. I think my eyeballs may have rolled back into my head just a little bit as I was eating this. The flavour was amazing with a capital A, and if anybody out there is planning to make this dish I have a very important amendment to make to this recipe. White pepper is not optional. If you have any on hand, don't even consider leaving it out.  

I promise you won't regret it.  

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