Tuesday, July 24, 2012

177/656 - Patafla from Provence

Patafla from Provence (try saying that quickly three times!) is a lovely little picnic basket filler made by slicing a baguette in two, pulling out the insides, mixing it with all sorts of brightly coloured bits and then trying to stuff it all back in!  

I realise the job of stuffing would have been much simpler had I purchased a baguette of decent width (or indeed made it myself!) however sometimes we just need to work with what we have. 

Once full, the two pieces were put back together and bound tightly with cling film.  

Of course I took pictures before I wrapped mine up, knowing that it was entirely possible I would have nothing decent to photograph at the other end if it fell apart on opening!

The patafla is supposed to be refrigerated overnight, however for various reasons mine remained in the fridge, unloved and uncut for two nights. I don't think the extra night did it too much harm but there was definitely an extra sogginess to the bread which was probably not ideal. 

It was very edible and incredibly tasty but I will definitely stick to the recipe and make sure it is eaten the day after wrapping if I make this again. 

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