Sunday, July 29, 2012

180/656 - Sautéd silverbeet with olive oil, pine nuts and currants

This recipe is a perfect example of what The Cook's Companion is all about. 

A simple stir fry of silverbeet, pine nuts and currants and a basic vegetable is turned into a very tasty side dish. We ate this as a part of a simple mid-week meal with sausages and mash. A definite upgrade on the three veg that might have accompanied our meal otherwise.

Something to watch is that after a bit of a stint in the fridge I found the currants had grown some decent flavour legs and had increased the overall sweetness a bit too much for my liking. Of course flavour is a very personal thing and I was overwhelmingly outvoted when I mentioned this to my family who were loving the unexpected sugar hit! On the day it was made however the balance was perfect.

For anybody with fussy children who won't eat their greens, I can highly recommend this as a great way of sweetening them up! Just don't forget to plan a day or so ahead to let the currants do their thing. 


  1. Hi Kate, I was directed to your blog by the article in The Age. Like you, I♥food, I♥cooking,I♥blogging and I♥my well thumbed copy of SA's Cooks Companion. Enjoy your food journey, I will read along. Well done

  2. Thanks Midge, great to have you along for the ride x

  3. Hi Kate, I read the story in the Age also. I love the book, it's my "go to" book when I need to know how to cook something or want some inspiration. I also have the Kitchen Garden Companion which is really good too especially if you grow your own veggies. I like the way you describe how each recipe turns out and tastes which some blogs don't actually do. Good on you for taking on such a huge challenge! I wish you good luck and look forward to reading your blog.

  4. If you enjoy Stephanie' s magnum opus you may also like the works of Jane Grigson who employed a similar approach to listing ingredients and how to use them in recipes in various of the books she wrote.

    Will follow your culinary journey with interest.

  5. Thanks Cookin'Oz & Stephen. Loving the tips and suggestions x

  6. Hi Kate,

    My husband saw you in the Age and thought I might like your blog. He was right. I was so impressed that I read all of it! Yep I've had a couple of slow days at work (don't tell) and a car trip on the weekend so I just kept reading. I love your style and I've love reading all your snippets from life and cooking. Looking forward to the rest, not in such quick succession though... Wendy.

  7. Kate,

    I heard you interviewed this morning on 774. I love the blog. I've manage to read most of it so far. I certainly admire your discipline but I especially love the fact that you've reminded me about some of Stephanie's dishes that I haven't cooked in a while.
    Keep it up! Loving your work.

  8. As a chef for more than 20 yrs, I can only be impressed by your resourcefulness, discipline and insanity that carries you on to each and every challenge. I love it!

  9. Magoo and Jen - I am so impressed and flattered that you have read through the blog already! More posts to come soon x

    Ian - Thanks! I am a special kind of crazy x