Friday, February 1, 2013

229/984 - Kibbeh Nayeh

Degustation course number seven, the last of the savoury dishes.

Kibbeh Nayeh is the traditional way to eat kibbeh and is essentially lamb paste mixed with cracked wheat, onion and spices. No mess, no fuss, no cooking. 

I am not sure why I decided to add such a controversial dish to this special feast. In my defence I didn't cook tongue. Or brains. I think I was quite keen to pull my guests outside of their comfort zones, and figured raw meat should not be such a shock to the modern diner. After all, who hasn't eaten a steak tartare nowadays? Well probably plenty of people, but not the guests who were sitting around my table. 

I knew I could only serve raw lamb if it was the best and freshest, and so was thrilled to discover that Poon Boon Lamb co. had a Melbourne delivery run on the day of the degustation. What perfect timing! Baden turned up right on time (a bit early actually!) and I excitedly dug through my box of goodies looking for the mince.  

I loved this dish and would eat it again in a heartbeat. The guests all liked it, but general consensus was that I had put too much on the plates. I didn't agree and interestingly neither did the kids! My well mannered guests cleared their plates anyway, probably to ensure I would not withhold their dessert. 

There was a good amount of kibbeh left over (I didn't want to pile the plates too high!) and so Trev made burgers the next day which were beautifully seasoned and fabulous.

Ta da!! That was the last of the savoury courses! A very special dessert to follow.

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