Wednesday, February 20, 2013

232&233/984 - Tomato and maple syrup glazed barbecued belly pork

Belly pork makes me go weak at the knees...

In the rainbow version of the book, this recipe is separated into two; Glazed Barbecued Belly Pork and Tomato & Maple Syrup Glaze. Making the glaze was straightforward once I got past my least favourite job of peeling and seeding the tomatoes. We had grown the tomatoes in our very own garden and so I couldn't bear to discard the seeds, saving them to cook with my scrambled eggs for breakfast. (Which was fabulous by the way!).

I found some gorgeous belly pork from Bundarra Berkshires that I had tossed in the freezer and forgotten about. For me it's a bit like winning lotto when I discover a forgotten treasure such as this! The lovely belly was painted and cooked in the oven, whilst being periodically re-glazed with this magic syrup. The pork was cooked again on the BBQ, but not before being slathered in more glaze. Yummmm....

The bok choy was also from our garden and was beautiful eaten together with this decadent dish. I had some glaze left over which I used in a stir fry a couple of days later which was again magnificent. 

We love Bundarra Berkshires pork and I am proud to be able to give them a blatant plug here*. The pork we buy from them tastes incredible, but most importantly comes from animals who have been treated well. It makes me smile whenever we eat piggy products and before he takes his first bite, Jules always asks me if we are eating pigs that were happy. Whilst I am aware of the irony here, we are not keen to give up eating meat and so eating pigs that have been thoughtfully raised is for me a wonderful choice. 

*Not a paid plug, just a plug because we love them!

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