Sunday, February 3, 2013

Guess who's coming to dinner?

I love entertaining. If I had my way (and more time on my hands) I would host a dinner party every week. I have hosted many in my time, but something I have not yet done is to mix up the guests, inviting people not from the same circle of friends. 

A few weeks ago I decided that 2013 would be the year of the dinner party in our house. I like the idea of giving my guests the opportunity to enjoy a meal (of course), but at the same time to meet new people, and as my friend Dave used to say, "to delight in their sparkling repartee". 

To further enhance this experience, I have decided to open my house to a special, honorary guest at my next dinner event. I have never been interested in opening a cafĂ© or restaurant, feeding hordes of people I have never met. However I do think it would be fun to include a brand new person to my dinner party mix. After all, why should my guests have all the fun of meeting new people?

So who is this mystery guest to be? 
  1. I want to hear from anybody who is interested in coming along and playing the part of 'guest of honour'. Let me know via Twitter, Facebook or simply comment on this post.
  2. I have no idea how we are going to select our guest, or for that matter if anybody will want to come! If I do happen to garner some interest, the kids and I might simply throw the names in a hat and decide the old fashioned way. 
  3. Food allergies or preferences are not a problem. I can work with anything you can throw at me.
  4. I promise I will not cook offal or anything else controversial.
  5. Of course all three courses will be from The Cook's Companion.
  6. The date will be selected by myself and the mystery guest.
  7. The dinner party will be made up of my little family of four, the mystery guest, and three of my friends who will also be new to one another. I may even invite friends who have not met Trev just to increase the "getting to know you" factor! I am sure everybody says this, but my friends are all fabulously lovely people...
Bring on the year of the dinner party. 


  1. I wanted to say that I think this an awesome idea and I would've loved to have been in the running to be your special guest but I live on the other side of Geelong and I think you are on the other side of Melbourne (?) so its a bit too far. But very cool idea... Wendy (sorry about the anonymous post but I can't remember my login!)

    1. I promise it would have been worth the trip! Interestingly my secret guest is also named Wendy, and is travelling quite some way to get here, what a coincidence! Thanks for the feedback, I was quite nervous putting this out there but now am so pleased that I did. I have decided to put on repeat performances so you might have to think about a trip to Melbourne soon x