Friday, February 22, 2013

234/984 - Guacamole

This is the first guacamole I have made without tomatoes. It broke my heart to leave them out, with a bowl of home grown juicy ones staring at me from their little bowl on the bench as I made this. I almost cheated and added some in but decided to be strong and stay true to the recipe. 

This was made as a pre-dinner snack, at the request of my guacamole loving twelve year old. He gave this the thumbs up, demolishing most of it almost immediately. I liked it very much but couldn't get the tomatoes out of my head and am still not convinced that they would not have added an interesting flavour to the final product. 

Of course I am incredibly biased. From the moment they began sprouting their juicy little bodies onto our vines, I have wanted to add tomatoes into every savoury dish I have created. Tomato fetish aside, this was a really lovely chunky dip that I am sure will be created again and again.

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