Saturday, March 2, 2013

235/984 - Joe's spaghetti with prawns

Well actually I made Joe's linguine with prawns rather than Joe's spaghetti...with a few fettuccine strands thrown in for good measure. The small amount of fettuccine was made because I started to get frustrated with the linguine not cutting properly and taking forever to separate. I am a very patient person but even I have limits! 

My favourite thing about this dish was how lovely the prawns looked. They were sliced lengthways and once they had been cooked they curled in the sweetest way. 

The boys and I ate this while Trev was away and so there was no need to double the recipe. Which was fortunate really because it was only as I was halfway through making it that I noticed it only served two people! Jules is a sparrow when it comes to dinner so I was quite sure there would be enough for the three of us.

If you don't make your own pasta this is a very quick meal to put together, and of course fabulously yummy! Although home made pasta really does take this dish to an amazing place...


  1. Kate, I had to make this on the weekend after I saw your post. It was so easy to make, especially after buying freshly made spaghetti and pre-shelled prawns from the South Melbourne Markets. It was the perfect Friday night dinner. Looking forward to more posts from you soon!

    1. Fantastic! I love hearing that my posts inspire people to pull out their Cook's Companion. More posts soon I promise x