Saturday, March 30, 2013

238/984 - Mojo verde (Green sauce)

Served alongside the lovely Greek salad was pan fried fish, topped with this intensely flavoured green sauce. Not a neat cook at the best of times, I certainly learned a lesson about wearing aprons whilst cooking with green things! 

I was inappropriately attired in a white t-shirt during the mojo verde construction, but it was certainly not white by the time this recipe was completed. My Thermomix also took a green battering throughout the process.

I opted to use sherry vinegar rather than red, however next time I will add it a little at a time. Once blended, I found the taste of the mojo verde to be very tart, but I was able to balance it with some more oil and a handful of Vietnamese mint. On reflection, I think the problem may have been a slight lack of coriander, my bunch being a bit on the small side. Once adjusted, the sauce was absolutely divine and incredible on fish.

But the fun didn't stop there! The next day we drizzled the mojo verde on roast pork and almost fell over with happiness. What an incredibly versatile sauce! After dunking many pieces of pork and still having a hefty swig of sauce left over, I decided to make egg bites with mojo verde, tomato and kangaroo chorizo. The only devastating thing about the egg bite recipe was that I didn't write it down. I wasn't alone in my love for this little treat, with the entire tray being devoured by party guests. 

My dinner guests voted the mojo verde the highlight of their night, and after eating it three ways I am now officially in love with this simple, tasty little recipe. Stephanie, you continue to rock my world.

Egg bites with tomato, mojo verde
and kangaroo chorizo

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