Thursday, April 4, 2013

239/984 - Berry frozen yoghurt

The last of the courses for my two gorgeous friends was berry frozen yoghurt. I was going to make a mixed berry combination but sadly the blackberries and raspberries were on sale and had disappeared before I got to them, so a blueberry dessert it was.

There was a mix-up with our dinner party starting time and my guests arrived 30 minutes early...eek! Thankfully I was decent, which is not always the case 30 minutes before people arrive, but I hadn't even started to make the dessert. I sat them down at the kitchen table and made this frozen yoghurt while we chatted and they looked on. Now I know what it feels like to have my own cooking show! 

I must say it is a very weird feeling to be watched while I cook. My friends were very well behaved and didn't heckle me at all while I worked. The frozen yoghurt was ridiculously easy to make and it was done in a matter of minutes. I was very surprised to be adding maple syrup to the mix, but it added the perfect amount of sweetness to what would have been quite a tart dessert otherwise. I loved the pretty pink colour of the finished product and think I must remember this one if I need a pink touch for a future dessert. 

Dinner party number two for 2013 done and dusted!

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