Saturday, April 6, 2013

240/984 - Wrinkled salty potatoes

Angelica Organic Farm operated a pop-up shop outside Matt Wilkinson's produce store, Hams & Bacon, yesterday. Sadly I had to go to work and my husband was home ill, so I called on my gorgeous mum to pop over to East Brunswick and pick up some goodies on my behalf. 

Mum (and Tim and Deri-Anne) came through for me. I came home to find a bunch of the most beautiful looking vegetables waiting for me, and I couldn't wait to find some recipes that would do them justice. 

I started with a beautiful raw carrot salad for breakfast this morning, which I loved so much I made a second batch to go with dinner. I found the recipe in the margin on p.225 and, inspired by the lovely outcome, have now decided to start tracking my cooking of the margin recipes also. I will not be blogging about them, or even counting them for that matter, (there must be hundreds!) but will share the pictures and page numbers of the ones I do make on my facebook page. 

Keen to sample more of my fresh veggies, I trawled the potato chapter looking for inspiration. The idea of cooking wrinkled salty potatoes to go with dinner tonight appealed to my taste buds and also to my sense of humour. Not the most tempting of recipe names! 

The potatoes were simply boiled in heavily salted water and then dried. The finished product was perfect potatoes with a pretty frosting of salt on their skins. Of course I made a lovely mess cooking these and ended up with salt everywhere. I am a very messy cook and so nobody should be put off by the state of my saucepan/stove covered in salt. If making these, just watch that you don't have the heat up too high or make sure once the water is boiling the lid is left open slightly to let out some steam. Or both. 

I had meant to serve these little beauties with pesto, which I imagine would have been a lovely addition, but completely forgot about it and so we ate them as they came. To be honest, the potatoes were so lovely I was not disappointed I had forgotten the pesto! The insides were soft and creamy and the amount of salt was perfect and not at all overpowering.   

Another night without leftovers. A great compliment but always disappointing the following day!

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