Saturday, April 20, 2013

245&246/984 - Oeufs à la neige (& egg custard)

It's a lovely compliment when you serve up a dish and have guests tell you that it is too pretty to eat! 

I was worried about making this gorgeous sounding recipe. Poaching meringues sounded much more worrisome than it actually was and custard always has the potential to split. My worrying was needless, and I am pleased to report that this dish was very easy to put together. 

I decided to poach my meringues in my largest pan, which is a whopping 29cm wide and around 10cm deep. Due to the incredible width of my pan I was able to poach all of my meringues at once, which was a good thing given that I was doing it as my guests were just about due to walk through the door. 

I had thought that the meringues would be watery, but after taking a rest on a clean tea towel they were perfectly dry, and oh so light and airy! 

I didn't have time to make a fruit sauce (actually I forgot about it completely..) and so cheated and used a gorgeous berry sauce given to us by Trev's amazing grandparents who put together a gourmet hamper for us every Christmas. 

A beautiful way to finish an amazing evening.
Ornamental chillies - another
gorgeous gift from
one of my guests

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