Sunday, April 14, 2013

241/984 - Soupe au pistou

A couple of months ago I proclaimed 2013 to be the year of the dinner party. This announcement was accompanied by my very first (and very brave!) invitation for a person I had never met to come to my home and participate in a dinner party. 

I had a very fast response, and in no time we had a table of eight (including my family of four) booked in for an April event. Sadly one of my very special guests had to be rushed to hospital only a matter of days before the special night, and so missed the dinner altogether. She is OK and will be coming to the next event, but everybody was very disappointed that she missed out on such a wonderful evening. 

So last night was the night, and it was fantastic! To have people around the table who were not known to one another created an energising buzz that saw our lovely evening spread over almost seven hours! 

The first course was in the form of an amuse-bouche and did not deserve it's own blog post because a) it took around two seconds to eat, and b) was a recipe I had made before. We fell in love with Stephanie's Italian black olive paste the last time I made it and so this time I tripled the recipe! Apologies to my colleagues who will be sitting near stinky garlic lady for the next couple of weeks. 

The next thing to be served to my lovely, chatty guests was this soupe au pistou. It is a wonderfully healthy vegetable soup, which has a spoonful of garlic and basil pistou and a handful of gruyère added for flavour. My guests had only nice things to say about this course, with Deb calling it "clean eating" and Sue loving the taste of garlic, rather than salt shining through. Hayley thought the soup was "delightful and so light, with the pistou adding freshness". Things got busy after course number one and so this is the extent of the quotes I managed to gather from the meal!

Dinner party number four for 2013 was off to a rocking start.

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