Wednesday, April 24, 2013

248/984 - Merna's sausage rolls

More party food!

These pork sausage rolls were fabulous and I will definitely be making them again. I quadrupled the mixture and ended up with more than eighty bite sized morsels that were absolutely devoured by our party guests. 

After many years of making sausage rolls that have burst open in the cooking process, I have finally worked out that the best way to make them is to press the seam together tightly and then to fold it under, pressing it flat to the bottom of the sausage roll. This batch was perfect and there was no bursting to be found! Happy days.

I decided to serve these little babies with both sauce and kasoundi, not at all sure if any guests would be game to venture away from the trusted and safe tomato sauce option. I was thrilled that my guests were more adventurous than expected, and the kasoundi went down a treat. It was an amazing combination and highly recommended!

An absolutely gorgeous treat for adults and children alike. 

Love my new little label holders!

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