Friday, April 19, 2013

244/984 - Saltimbocca alla Romana

Oh Stephanie, what have you done?

Little did I know when I selected this as the third entrée* of the night that it would become the talking point of the dinner party! This dish was so incredibly fabulous, one of my guests posted on my Facebook page the next day, "I went to bed thinking of that veal, dreamt about it and am still talking about it today!". This comment sparked a renewed discussion about how much we had all loved this dish. Stephanie, my ever expanding waistline does not thank you for this recipe! 

An hour before the guests were due to arrive I thought I should take a look at the recipe to see what needed to be done. I would have been in all sorts of trouble if there was marinating, or any other time consuming activity involved! Lucky for me the recipe was very straightforward, although I confess my guests did arrive to the sight of me gently pounding the veal with a mallet through a ziplock bag. Classy.

To be honest I had some trouble finding veal backstraps, and so I bought a couple of veal racks and stripped the bone off them. Judging by the reaction of my guests I would say this was a successful move!

What really topped off this dish was the burnt butter sauce. Has anybody ever invented a sauce so delectably good? 

All 'round a cracking good dish. 

*I had some trouble selecting a main course and so I decided to serve three entrées instead.

More flowers from my
gorgeous guests

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