Saturday, April 27, 2013

251/984 - Sorrel soup

I picked up a bunch of sorrel at the Fairfield Farmers' Market last weekend and gave Henry the choice of sorrel soup or a potato and sorrel omelette, mainly because I wanted to make both and couldn't decide between the two! He chose the soup and I am so pleased he did. What a soup!

Sorrel has the most incredibly fresh, lemony flavour and this soup was creamy, but also with plenty of tang provided by the sorrel and also the garlic. My sorrel leaves were on the larger side and so I used the leaves but removed the spines completely, which made our chickens very happy indeed. 
The croutons were supposed to be made from sour dough, but I had just finished making an incredibly yummy seed bread and so I used that for my croutons instead. They tasted amazing, but then again anything fried in oil is likely to taste pretty good! 

The beaten eggs yolks, which are added at the final stage, made this soup incredibly fluffy and creamy. My only criticism of this recipe is that it does not make enough! I could have eaten bowl after bowl of this dish and was shattered as I handed over the last bowl to my husband. The next time I make this I will be sure to double, or maybe even triple, the recipe.

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