Monday, March 11, 2013

236/984 - Pea and ham soup

There used to be a café around the corner from us that served a great ham hock soup. Henry has been obsessed with it since his first taste and so he was thrilled when I pulled a smoked hock out of the freezer and told him I was finally going to make a soup with it.

I realise hearty soups are usually reserved for cold winter evenings, but being somebody who doesn't mind the heat I tend to serve them to my little family all year round. My boys don't mind but if truth be told, Trev is not the biggest supporter of a hot meal on a warm day. Luckily he was overseas on the day I made this, and so while my cat's away this mouse makes soup!

I was amused to read that this should be served with sippets, mainly because I had not heard of them before. It turns out they are just cubes of bread fried in olive oil. Happy to oblige!


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