Saturday, March 30, 2013

237/984 - Greek country salad

I have had a very busy few weeks, which included an overseas trip, and I have taken my eye off the cooking/blogging ball in a big way. I didn't realise how behind I was until I checked the calendar and realised I ate this gorgeous Greek salad three weeks ago! 

This beautiful salad was made for two very special friends of mine who came over to share a meal with my family. The three of us are lovers of good food and so the pressure was on to make an excellent meal for our catch up. I was pleased that this recipe created quite a large amount and expected to have some left over for the next day. I was quite surprised, and quietly pleased, that there was not a skerrick left after the meal! 

I followed the recipe to the letter except I did not add any salt at all. We are not big salt eaters here and judging by the empty bowl after dinner I think everybody agreed that this salad was perfect just as it was.

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