Sunday, July 7, 2013

267/984 - Chocolate brioche

The dessert I made for my chocolate loving friend was chocolate brioche with mini baked custard rounds and berry sauce. My original intention was to make sultana brioche with a chocolate sauce but came to my senses and realised that a gooey chocolate inside would be much more fun. 

Rising, rising...
Brioche dough was easy enough to make, although now that I am aware of how much butter is in there I don't think I will be eating brioche very often! I decided to cook mine in a muffin tin to ensure a lovely golden exterior, which meant that I needed to reduce the final stage in the oven from five minutes to two as I felt they were already beautifully brown and in danger of being overcooked.

The plated dessert was very awkward looking but tasted quite nice. The custard rounds were made with a chinese egg tart filling which can be found here but instead of making the pastry I simply poured the custard into a mini muffin tin and baked the rounds for about 15 minutes. The tray was oiled and so with a bit of teasing with toothpicks the custard rounds popped out quite easily. 

And the very best thing about this recipe was finding a leftover brioche this morning which I enjoyed with a coffee. Not very healthy but a lovely and decadent way to start a Sunday!

An awkward looking,
but yummy dessert

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