Sunday, July 14, 2013

My little challenge turns two!

Happy 2nd birthday to my little challenge!

Sometimes it feels as if I have been doing this cooking/blogging thing forever. Two years in, the challenge continues to bring me enjoyment, an expanded social circle and of course plenty of great food.

To celebrate this special birthday milestone I thought it must be stats time again! In the last two years I have;
  • cooked at least one recipe from 90 of 123 chapters
  • managed to cook an average of more than one recipe every three days
  • upgraded from my beloved orange bible to one that is rainbow coloured (and loving it!)
  • kicked off the CCC mystery guest dinner parties, hosting two already and with a third booked for August
  • Had more than 27,000 hits to the blog (wow!)
  • Eaten things I thought I never would, including tongue, trotters, glazed livers and raw lamb
  • Had more fun than I could ever have imagined!
A highlight in the journey has definitely been the launch of the CCC mystery guest dinner parties. Meeting new people is always fun and quite frankly, I think people should invite strangers into their homes more often. Life is too short to stay inside your comfort zone. 

Thank you to everybody who is still on this journey with me. As interesting as the challenge is, it is ten times more enjoyable getting feedback from people outside of my little family as I progress through the chapters.

Here's to another two years!

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