Sunday, July 7, 2013

266/984 - Middle Eastern sautéed prawns

Tonight's dinner was one half of a present for a friend who recently reached a special birthday milestone. It is one of my favourite things to put on a dinner party with one person's taste in mind because the menu planning flows easily.

We had an unexpectedly late night the previous evening and so I was in less than perfect form for cooking. Wisely I decided to outsource the main course to Trev and focussed instead on creating an entrée and dessert centred around my friend's favourite things.

In my opinion, prawns are always a fabulous way to start a meal and I have been keen to try this little recipe for some time now. I cut a big corner and decided not to velvet the prawns, and while I am sure they would have been incredible if I did, nobody was complaining about the result!

Stephanie advised that this dish could be complemented with an orange and watercress salad. A close enough alternative was to dress the plates with finely sliced orange segments and add some beautiful organic salad mix.

I absolutely loved the gentle flavours of this dish and heard more than one person commenting on how well the lemon juice and orange worked with the spices. Little people and adults alike were pleased with the result, and perhaps a little disappointed that it was served in entrée sized portions. 

Even better than serving up a successful first course was actually remembering to add the chopped herbs to the finished product. It seems there is a first time for everything.

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