Wednesday, July 10, 2013

268/984 - Pear and walnut salad

Oh my! If only every salad tasted this good...

We have our fruit and vegetables delivered each week, largely to remove just one from the list of regular jobs a busy family must tick off in order to keep a household running. I love receiving my delivery each Tuesday, but have noticed there are a couple of things we are slow to eat. It turns out we are not much of a pear eating family and so I decided, for the first time, to take a look through the pear chapter to see how we might use up the two that were still lingering from last week's box.

Unfortunately I did not have any witlof, but was lucky enough to have the rest of the ingredients on hand for this AMAZING salad. Pears, stinky blue cheese, toasted incredible combination. To make it even better, the toast served alongside was sour dough, painted with walnut oil and toasted under the grill.

I am thrilled that there is enough left over that I will be taking it, along with some leftover steak, to work for my lunch tomorrow. Bring on next week's pears! 

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