Thursday, June 27, 2013

264&265/984 - Marmalade & caramel steamed pudding, deconstructed cheesecake and chocolate figs with orange & Grand Marnier sauce

What a way to finish a very special dinner party! 

One of my guests asked if Stephanie's incredible cheesecake might be included on the dinner party menu. Not wanting to make a dessert I had already blogged, but wanting to satisfy Wendy's request, I decided to put together a dessert medley! It was Trev's idea to deconstruct the cheesecake and now I think it is my preferred cheesecake style, both for cooking and eating!

I reduced the filling recipe by two thirds and cooked it in a pudding tin in a waterbath for around 40 minutes. I made the crumb topping exactly as the recipe suggested, but instead of pressing it into the base of a tin, I pressed it into a pancake shape and baked it on a tray until it was toasty. 

To complement my cheesecake I knew I had to find recipes that were the opposite of creamy, so as to create a balanced plate. My mission was to find one thing spongy and one thing hard and then to find a sauce that would tie it all together. Marmalade and caramel steamed pudding came to the rescue, and how perfect! They are served with an orange and Grand Marnier sauce that I knew would work perfectly with my cheesecake. The pièce de résistance was the chocolate dipped figs which, apart from being ridiculously simple, were also going to add a much needed bite to the plate. 

And my dessert was born! I realise I am a glutton for punishment, but this dessert has made me want to complicate every dessert I make from now on. Not satisfied with putting one thing on the plate, I am now hooked on the challenge of finding a few different things that taste great together, but most importantly, make for a very pretty plate.


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