Sunday, June 23, 2013

261&262/984 - Clams under a buttery crust with parsley butter

A few months ago I decided to put myself out there and posted an invitation requesting a special mystery guest to join us for dinner.

Well after a false start and a couple of unexpected operations, the lovely Wendy was finally able to visit! The dinner party was last night and apart from a couple of menu hiccups the evening was absolutely amazing. Given the distance Wendy had to travel from her home, we decided to invite her husband to join us to save him waiting for her at a nearby venue! Also joining us was a beautiful man with whom I had the pleasure to work many, many years ago and also his lovely wife who I had not yet met. A true mystery guest dinner party.

The night started with champagne, followed closely by a small entrée of clams. The clams needed to be steamed and then grilled with a topping of breadcrumbs and parsley butter. I made the unfortunate decision to pre-steam the clams and keep them in the fridge ready for grilling. Not a wise move in hindsight as the clams ended up a bit chewy. To top it off I was a bit mean with the parsley butter portions and the lovely juice we were all expecting to find in our bowls was a bit non-existent. Which sadly made the milk bread I had prepared earlier, specifically to soak up the juices, a bit superfluous! 

No matter. By the time I had served entrée my guests had started to chat and the conversation flowed beautifully thanks to everybody being incredibly friendly. A part of me is still surprised that I was courageous enough to invite a stranger into my home, but after last night I realise that these small, brave decisions we sometimes make can have incredible rewards.

And now I can't wait to do it all again! 

Lovely, garlicky parsley butter

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