Wednesday, June 19, 2013

260/984 - Broccoli as a sauce for pasta

Don't be fooled by the understated title of this recipe. It was absolutely delicious, and even better than that, it was easy!

I only had 250g of broccoli florets and so I halved the entire recipe, which meant that according to the instructions I would be able to feed 1-2 people with the result. I know we are not big pasta eaters, but this amount fed my little family of four! 

The pasta I used was casarecce rather than orecchiette, purely because it was what I had in the pantry, and I think it worked very well with this recipe. I was a bit concerned however, about how my youngest would cope with the added anchovies. I needn't have worried. The anchovy flavour blended in beautifully with the rest of the sauce which is just one of the reasons I favour the white variety which are milder and so much easier to hide from a nine year old!

I loved this recipe and as an added bonus I now have a small pile of stems left over which I will use in my next stir fry. 

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