Saturday, June 8, 2013

259/984 - Best ever cheesecake

It's ironic that the title of this recipe includes the words "best ever" considering it is one of the few things I have made and messed up!

I had a cheesecake request from a colleague who was about to head off to France and so the pressure was on. I knew I had to create something that would stack up against the food he would soon be eating whilst on holiday in the wonderful land of French food. On the night I was baking we had an unexpected visitor and also a very special dinner to attend. I finally got the cheesecake into the oven and cooked, but unfortunately we had to run out the door only minutes after the oven was turned off. 

The catch was that it needed to sit in the oven for a further sixty minutes and without thinking I left it in there still submerged in the water bath. By the time we got home, which was hours later than expected, the water had well and truly penetrated the springform tin and in turn, my lovely biscuit base.

I was devastated and refused to take my far from perfect cheesecake into the office, embarrassed by the soggy crust. Even more devastating was tasting it when I got home the following evening, and realising that the crust had actually dried out, and apart from a couple of dodgy patches in the base, it was the most incredibly creamy and delicious cheesecake that I could have (almost) proudly taken in to work.

There is always an upside of course. My little family were very excited at the prospect of an entire cheesecake to themselves and made short work of the demolition. Of course I will apologise to my colleague on his return from France and will win his forgiveness with a replacement (and hopefully not soggy!) truly best ever cheesecake.  

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