Wednesday, June 26, 2013

263/984 - Lamb and yoghurt from a Pakistani recipe with home-made roti

Our lovely dinner party needed a special main course and as well as cooking a beautiful leg of lamb in yoghurt Pakistani style, I also made saffron rice, chilli salted beans and home-made roti.

I received some chillies with my organic vegetable delivery and decided to use all three on the beans, which were also topped with fried garlic and sesame oil. These particular chillies packed a punch that was completely unexpected, the fumes so strong they made me start to cough as I was cooking. If that was not bad enough, the fumes wafted all the way to the dining table, and as I was still preparing the main I heard my guests start to cough too! At least they ate them without complaint...

The roti was so simple to make I actually made a second batch to go with dinner the following night. I used a thermomix recipe (thanks for sharing Andrea!) which you can find here if you want to try them yourself. 

The saffron rice was cooked Indian style, with sultanas and pan fried almonds added for improved texture and taste. All in all it was a lovely main which, apart from the suffocating fumes, was enjoyed by all.

Next post: a dessert I would have been proud to serve Stephanie herself!

Lovely roti

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