Sunday, May 11, 2014

334/984 - Chilli and lime sauce

With the most beautiful barramundi to cook for dinner, I was looking for a way to prepare it that would be acceptable to the slightly fussy five year old who was joining us. 

We decided to wrap the fish in foil, with lemon juice and slices, and cook it in the chiminea. We served the fish, beautifully steamed and silky smooth, with rice and this beautiful chilli and lime sauce, which of course my fussy little guest could omit from her plate. There was no way we could have let her try this sauce anyway, with the added jalapeƱo giving it an amazing kick. 

One of the changes I made to this recipe was to add a whole peeled lime to the mix, rather than just the lime juice. I figured if I was to be blending everything together we might as well get the goodness of the entire fruit!

The only down side to this recipe was removing my contact lenses in the evening with hands that were apparently still covered in chilli juice. Yikes. 

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