Wednesday, May 21, 2014

335/984 - Charcoal-grilled ginger prawns

Prawn lollipops for dinner? They were so sweet they might as well have been!

The marinade for this dish contained so many lovely things including kecap manis which was first introduced to me by my lovely friend Lani. The kids adore every dish that it contains because it is sweet, sweet, sweet! I replaced the peanut oil with coconut oil which of course was a wonderful substitute, but other than that stayed true to the recipe. 

Whenever I feel a marinade or sauce is particularly decadent, I tend to fill the rest of the plate with raw vegetables, which is exactly what we did on this night. We all agreed that the result was wonderful. 

That is the second chapter done and dusted! We are a bit sad to see the last of the prawn dishes and are hoping to see prawns pop up in another chapter soon. 

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