Sunday, May 25, 2014

336/984 - Mushrooms en papillote

These lovely mushrooms were served as a part of last weekend's dinner party, at which I decided to serve a deconstructed burger for main and planned the plate with my favourite burger ingredients in mind. 

We have a bit of a dinner party routine in our house; first comes the menu planning, then I write out all of the ingredients I need and Trev heads out to the shop to pick them up. While he is out I begin to plan my cooking schedule for the day and start to tackle the basics (pastry, pasta dough, breads). We really do have this down to a fine art! At least I thought we did...

Unfortunately on this day as I wrote out my list of required ingredients, I got distracted halfway through the recipe as I pondered the perfect mix of mushrooms for the meal. Whilst off in a daydream, I somehow completely forgot to write out the ingredients from the second half of the list.

Later in the day as I began to prepare the mushrooms, I was amused to see cream and tarragon on the list of ingredients, knowing full well that I did not have either of these things in my house. Not particularly worried, I simply substituted the cream for Greek yoghurt and the parsley and tarragon for a mix of woolly thyme, oregano and garlic chives.

The mushrooms I used (and can highly recommend!) were oyster, enoki and button. I thought the enoki were particularly fabulous. I absolutely loved the mushrooms cooked this way and actually think the yoghurt tasted incredible. What a great little accident!

Served with potato cubes, kale chips,
baked egg with tomato and parmesan wafer
and home-made burger patty.
My little mushroom packages.

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