Tuesday, August 19, 2014

351/984 - Chickpea soup with mint and lemon

It has been a quiet month for Stephanie recipes! 

Last night I served up this beautiful chickpea soup with some freshly baked bread. The fennel seed in the bread was a wonderful, refreshing lift that worked beautifully with the slightly tart flavour of the soup. I didn't have any parsley (gardening incident, don't ask) but had plenty of mint to sprinkle on top. I also added a big dollop of Greek yoghurt to each bowl.

I loved this, but after two soups with lemon being rejected by the two older males in my family (the avgolemono was also a fizzer) I have decided I will save the lemony soups for times when I am alone with my little one.

Entrée (yes, soup was the main!) was my first attempt at eggplant parmesan chips which I can confidently say were a winner, given that we ate two eggplants in less than ten minutes. Not bad for children who apparently don't like eggplant. 

Lovely parmesan eggplant chips
Buckwheat loaf with linseed,
chia and fennel seed. 

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