Saturday, August 30, 2014

354/984 - Royal icing

You didn't think I would make gingerbread without royal icing did you?

Of course I forgot to pay attention to the recipe (shock, horror) and accidentally made a full batch of royal icing rather than a half. I spread the icing as thick as I dared and then froze what I couldn't squish onto the biscuits. I am not exactly sure if royal icing will freeze well - I guess only time will tell! 

No doubt due to the thickness of the application, the icing has still not quite fully set, but is absolutely yummy and so we don't mind at all.  

Back in March last year I had my least productive month of this challenge, racking up only four completed recipes. After a very slow start this month, I was determined not to repeat such a dismal performance and so royal icing represents number five for August. 

Some personalised biscuits I made
for my sister and her little ones.

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