Saturday, August 30, 2014

353/984 - Nat's gingerbread

It has been a long time since I have made gingerbread...and I have never made gingerbread as amazing as this!

I loved the array of spices in this recipe and got quite a surprise to see white pepper in the list of ingredients. Before I wrapped the dough into a neat rectangle ready for overnight refrigeration, I couldn't resist stealing a small amount to nibble on. I have never understood the concept of eating cookie/biscuit dough...until now. I could have happily eaten the entire block with a big jug of milk. Only common sense, and the desire to eat the finished product, stopped me.

With life getting in the way, this dough sat in the fridge for two nights before I got around to making these sweet little gingerbread biscuits. Once the dough was rolled, I pulled out my tin of biscuit cutters and was shocked to see the distinct absence of a gingerbread-man shaped cutter. What kind of baking mother was I to be devoid of such an essential tool? 

Once I got over my surprise, I spied these sweet little shapes and realised that the smaller I made the biscuits, the less volume of biscuit my boys were likely to eat. 

The biscuits were sweet, but with a fabulously spicy after taste. Yet another classic recipe wonderfully represented in The Cook's Companion.

The fabulous spices.
Dough, wrapped and
ready for the fridge.

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