Sunday, August 31, 2014

355/984 - Zucchini patties

When I was a much younger cook, patties used to make me nervous. I was forever worried that they wouldn't bind and that the insides wouldn't be cooked. As such, I avoided patties like the plague, and would opt to bake dishes rather than fry them where ever possible. Obviously I have come a long way since then...

I followed this recipe quite closely, except for the omission of the parsley (I need to get some back in the garden!) and I only used two zucchini as they were BIG ones! I am not exactly sure if I used the recommended amount of flour as I didn't measure, but instead sprinkled it into the mixture until it looked just right. 

These little beauties were filled with zucchini (obviously), cheese (yum!) and lovely little surprises like mint and spring onion. These were amazing both warm and cold and as the last one was polished off today I kicked myself for not doubling the mixture.

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