Monday, September 1, 2014

356/984 - Mushroom confit

I feel the need to come clean up front regarding this recipe. I did not seal and store this confit for two months before eating it, but rather cooked and ate it on the same day. In my defence, the result was still incredible; I can only imagine how fabulous this would be after two months of storage. 

A main ingredient of this recipe, dried porcini mushrooms, are one of my favourite things at the moment. I love their fabulously intense flavour and the way they add a special something to egg, meat and vegetable dishes.

This recipe started with the roasting of a head of garlic, which made my house smell amazing! We buy our garlic from Angelica Organic and it not only tastes fabulous, but it lasts for the longest time. The garlic is then baked in oil with mushrooms, rehydrated porcini and some lovely fresh herbs.

Finished on the stove top with sherry vinegar, the result is an intensely flavoured mixture, that once minced, made a fabulous topper for steak and a wonderful breakfast on toast the next morning.

A wonderful topping for steak
Lovely roasted garlic

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