Sunday, September 14, 2014

364/984 - Cheese rarebit (or rabbit)

My eldest scored a goal in his final soccer game today and this was his reward! Confession: I was making these anyway but don't tell him that!

I was a bit shocked when I was measuring out the cheese for this recipe, convinced that it was going to be way more than we could eat. It turns out I was right, but I imagine a very hungry person could polish off this amount (as in one third of what you see above, plus what was left in the pan) with a very large piece of toast to support it. This bread is home-made and my loaves are quite petite compared to commercial versions and so our toast was on the small side. 

Filled with rich ingredients such as melted butter, cheese and English mustard, this was not a snack for the faint hearted. Literally!

I couldn't help adding some parsley on top, convincing myself that this would make things just a little bit healthier. I have no idea who I was kidding....this was absolutely decadent and has definitely confirmed my decision to complete a gut busting workout later today. 

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